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Locksmith Den Haag


  •  ✓ Locks from € 14,95
  •  ✓ Best possible service for fair and cheap prices , 
  •  ✓ Honest and customer friendly
  •  ✓ Day and night available 
  •  ✓ Possible to pin through your mobile anywhere
  •  ✓ Within 20 minutes at your location
Tel: 085 0043 225

Within 20 min – Lock opened

Lock broken?




Emergency aid?


Locksmith Den Haag

Locksmith Holland has been a renowned lock specialist for more than 10  years in Den Haag. Our certified locksmiths are experienced in solving most common lock problems and will assist you without hesitation. We can open, repair or replace all locks. In case of emergency we will make sure that our locksmith arrives within 20 minutes at your location. Our security experts will offer advice on security measures for your house. This way we will prevent burglary attempts together.

Locksmith Den Haag For all your emergency situations in town

Do you find yourself locked out of your home or has someone broken an entree? Our locksmiths will arrive within 20 minutes to come to your aid. We not only offer service to frequent door issue situation but we have many more services that you can use. Locksmith Den haag offers you the best service for all your hinges and locks at cheap prices. Our locksmith are professionally trained and work adequately.


Locked out or lost your keys? We help you!

We have more than 10 years experience with repairing locks, locksmith Den Haag keeps up with the times and is always aware of the latest techniques and innovative locks. If you find yourself in one of these difficult situations, we will take care of everything for you as a skilled locksmith.

Get acquainted with Locksmith Den Haag

Locksmith Den Haag is the renowned expert when it comes to locks and keys in the area.Our certified experts can open any lock effortlessly for which they use professional tactics and specialized tools. We repair or replace all broken locks and offer advice on how to protect your home as best as possible. Our locksmiths use certified locks and offer optimal security for your home.

Quickly in need of a locksmith?

In an emergency situation our locksmith will arrive within 20 minutes to your location. You can reach us day and night for a 24/7 service to your locks and keys.


Optimal security against burglary

Our locksmiths know everything when it comes to providing the best options to prevent burglary to your home. They will advise you free how to safely protect your home from break-ins and unwanted visitors.

Problems in opening sliding doors

Are your sliding doors stuck? The locksmith knows various tactics, using professional tools, to open your sliding doors for you without much effort.

Opening the lock to your car

Our certified locksmiths can open any type of lock professionally. Which means your door will be opened quickly and without causing damage to the car’s door or lock.

Are your locks in need of replacement?

Our locksmiths will replace your locks safely and without hesitation. We only use certified locks, that offer optimal prevention against burlary attempts.

What can you do when your key breaks off?

In such situations you can call Locksmith Holland. Our experts will remove the remaining part within the lock of replace the lock in your door with a new one.

Will our insurance reimburse locksmith costs?

In some cases the insurance will cover locksmith costs


Whether you can submit locksmith costs to your insurance company, depends on your situation and your insurance policy. Replacing locks after a break-in is reimbursed by many insurance companies. You should read the terms and conditions of you policy to discover what costs can be submitted. If you lost your keys on your own account, you will probably pay for locksmith costs yourself.


Do you need to contact your insurance after theft of keys?


Has your bag been stolen, with your keys still in it? Always report to the police and contact your insurance company. Locksmith Holland can replace your locks as soon as possible. The costs are usually covered by the  insurance company. Verify the terms and conditions of your policy and also submit the theft declaration form as evidence.


Did you lose your housekeys while out?


In case of lost keys you always need to replace your locks. Your insurance company will most likely not refund the locksmith costs in this situation.


What should you do in case of burglary?


Always contact the police to make report and secure any traces left by the intruder. A locksmith should replace your locks as soon as possible to ensure safety again. The burglary declaration form and locksmith bill can be submitted to your insurance company. They will refund these costs.